The Causes and Effects of Agflation

April 21, 2022


Agriculture + Inflation = Agflation. Tridge takes a deeper look into the rising prices of agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, and grain and the consequences of agflation. The webinar examines input cost increases, price increases, demand and supply relationships, freight cost increases, and rising food prices that all contribute to the rising agricultural prices. Market analysts will review agflation in the grains, fruit, and vegetable industry, and industry experts will discuss how rising prices have affected the grains, oils, and fruits industry.


Prince Yawson | Senior Global Market Analyst, Tridge

Eugene Tomashevskyi | Global Market Analyst, Grains, Tridge

Gabriela Cabezas | Global Market Analyst, Fruits & Vegetables, Tridge


Claudio Tumba | Export Manager, Sugal Group

Anatoliy Stoianov | Engagement Manager, Grains, Tridge

Ecenur Bilgin | Engagement Manager, Oil & Oilseeds, Tridge

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