Logistics Disruption in the Agriculture Industry

March 17, 2022


The agriculture industry experienced various disruptions in the supply chain due to the pandemic. Of the various industries that affected the agriculture industry, the logistics industry challenged the agriculture industry due to issues such as port congestions, freight price hikes, and container shortages. Tridge will examine the logistics disruptions in the agriculture industry, and also take a look into specific markets such as the meat, and nuts industry to see how logistics have affected agriculture.


Jinwoo Cheon | Global Market Analyst, Tridge

Prince Yawson | Senior Global Market Analyst, Tridge

Per Kirkbak | Global Market Analyst, Meat Specialist, Tridge

Theo Venter | Global Market Analyst, Nuts & Seeds Specialist, Tridge


Pedro Tellez | Purchasing Manager, Shanghai Yu Hua Fruits

Lucia Manrique | Export Manager, Tridge Peru

Alper Akkurt | Global Logistics Specialist, Tridge Turkey

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