E11: 📰🌾 Agri Headlines: W13 2022

March 30, 2022
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📰 Free on Board's Agri Headlines gives an outline of notable news in the agriculture space. On W13 2022's Agri Headlines, we cover three categories: grains & oilseeds, fruits and vegetables, and the meat market.

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0:17 On Agri Headlines today, we will be keeping up to date on the latest agricultural news of Week 13 2022.

0:24 We're bringing headlines from three different agricultural categories grains and oilseeds, fruits and vegetables, and the meat market.

0:33 In the grain and oilseeds market, soybean prices remain strong with high demand, especially from the poultry sector.

0:39 This is in spite of crude and palm oil prices having dropped during the last couple of weeks.

0:44 Prices in the upcoming months will depend on the report by the USDA, on the intentions to plant for summer crops which will be announced on March 31st.

0:51 Anything less than a record area under soybeans means prices will continue to be high.

0:56 Global wheat and corn prices continue to be volatile due to the supply uncertainties.

1:00 Especially in the Black Sea region.

1:02 The US is experiencing a drought in its durum wheat planting areas where 41% of spring wheat production is estimated to be impacted.

1:09 Ukrainian wheat production is also expected to be down by 19% in the 2022-23 marketing year compared to the previous season.

1:17 In the fruits and vegetables market, the effect of storm Celia is expected to delay the harvest of the Spanish citruses

1:23 adding to already low prices in the market due to a general oversupply in Europe, especially from imported citruses.

1:31 Orange prices fell by 40% year on year, during the second week of March

1:36 while mandarin prices witnessed a 76% year on year decrease.

1:41 In the orange juice market, the volume of orange juice by the end of the current season may be inadequate to supply the international market until the middle of next season.

1:51 as there is a projected 50% shortage in Brazilian orange juice stocks estimated to be needed for the 2022/23 season

2:00 In the banana market, tensions in Russia and Ukraine are affecting the Ecuadorian banana industry.

2:06 as the countries combined account for approximately 90 million boxes of imports annually.

2:11 Containers are being rerouted to alternative markets, leading to an oversupply and price drop for avocados.

2:18 For avocados, the 2021/22 season for Chilean avocados will see a 57% increase in production from the previous season.

2:28 This has caused a 42% drop in prices, triggering an export increase of 70% compared to the last season.

2:37 For South African apples, there is an expected 4% increase in production while the pear crop is expected to be 5% higher.

2:46 With the Russia-Ukraine conflict erupting in the middle of the South African harvest, shipments are being diverted to alternative markets with a decrease in prices.

2:55 In the meat markets, China's import ban on Brazilian chicken has been expanded to now include six processing sites from previously two

3:02 after a new COVID variant was discovered in a product shipped to China in January 2022.

3:08 The ban is troubling news for Brazil that last year witnessed how beef exports were severely impacted by a ban placed on Brazilian beef, out of fear of mad cow disease.

3:17 Within the pork industry, European pork prices continue to rise.

3:21 with prices in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Austria increasing by €25 cents per kilo during the week ending on March 20th.

3:28 Smaller price increases were witnessed in Germany, Spain, and France with increases of €10 cents, €8 cents and €6 per kilo respectively.

3:27 Processesors are reporting that they are facing difficulties in passing over these price increases to the retail sector.

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