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Tridge, officially nominated as a ‘Unicorn’ by the Korean government

Mar 3, 2023
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We are proud to announce that Tridge was officially named as one of Korea’s Unicorn Companies by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups after our successful series D funding last year when we raised $37.2m, reaching a $2.7bn valuation. 

Tridge was also nominated as a unicorn based on rigorous standards set by CB Insights, a global market intelligence company, and is now pleased to receive this prestigious status again from the Korean government. The Korean Unicorn Companies list once included Coupang and Woowa Brothers, who are currently valued at tens of billions of dollars globally.

This recognition highlights Tridge's leadership in the industry and is a testament to our significant growth potential in the global agriculture landscape. 

"For Tridge, becoming a unicorn is just one of the milestones. In an increasingly competitive field for investors, this milestone was only possible with our customers who trust us and our people’s relentless focus on building a better tomorrow in the global agri-food supply chain industry," said Jacob Park, Head of Product Growth.  

We started as an idea among a few individuals with a vision to empower global agri-food supply chain businesses to make smarter, data-driven decisions. Today, we are the leading agriculture data and media company, with a team of over 500 passionately working across more than 60 countries. 

We still hunger for rapid growth to achieve market equilibrium in agriculture and are currently expanding our team to increase our expertise and strengthen our agri-food supply chain solutions.

What's Next

In an effort to provide robust and reliable agri-food supply chain solutions, we launched Tridge Exhibition 365, a new and innovative solution for participants across the globe. This solution is a cost-effective, always-on virtual trade show to connect with credible suppliers and trusted buyers through powerful communication tools. 

Be the first to learn and experience our innovative features on Tridge Exhibition 365

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