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Tridge Stories

Tridge launches new virtual agri-foods trade show

Feb 13, 2023
3 min read

Tridge announced the launch of a new virtual trade show that reimagines how agri-food supply chain participants connect and engage with reliable suppliers and buyers. This innovative platform is designed to help businesses accelerate growth through powerful features like virtual tours, video conferencing, and more.   

Tridge Exhibition 365* offers a cost-efficient solution and transparent experience to suppliers and buyers. By registering for a Premium Booth, suppliers can leverage our most noteworthy features which include bespoke online booths, virtual business card systems, live social events, and buyer analytics. The recent acquisition of Supplier Directory has provided registered users of Exhibition 365 with the access to a reliable network of agri-food suppliers all over the globe.    

*As of September 2023, Exhibition 365 has been transformed into the Social Marketplace.

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