Customer Stories
Customer Stories

Uncover New Market With Tridge’s Data

Nov 15, 2022
3 min read
Irene Lee

Sweet Season is a U.S.-based fresh produce grower and distributor company exporting more than 150 products to over 120 cities across Europe and Asia. They are growing and expanding their products with Tridge’s customized reports.

Tridge and Sweet Season met during a trade show to further explore information about our solutions especially Intelligence Solutions. This conversation opened up a new opportunity for our customer to visualize their future business plans and make data-driven decisions

Tridge Intelligence & Data unlock the full potential of a business by helping customers better understand the food and agriculture industry and increasing visibility into industry trends. This partnership with Sweet Season is another step in company’s strategy to deliver the best-in-class global data analysis for the benefit of our customers. 

We saw an immense potential for growth and focused on data analysis to take on challenges in their business plans. Our team and global staffs presented a customized report of specific products that addressed their current business needs and challenges. The data included the overview of import, data analysis of market as well as customer insights. Sweet Season leveraged our findings and made a data-driven decision to enter the market with a new product.

Experience how our extensive Intelligence & Data empower you to make smarter business decisions.

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