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Tridge’s insights into avocado price trends

Nov 7, 2022
3 min
  • Wholesale avocado prices are nearly record-high earlier this year, but since September prices are down 50%. 
  • Lower prices at the grocery store are not yet, however, expecting to see a drop because of increasing avocado production and retailers competitions.

FOX News interviewed Alicia Abendroth, Tridge’s Platform Sales Manager in Germany, who shared insights into avocado price trends.

Three to five years ago, the whole world seemed to obsess over avocado toast on the internet. Over one million hashtags of avocado toast were proof that people participated in the avocado toast craze. The significant increase in demand for avocado led to increased avocado plantings. 

"It takes about five years for avocados to become fully productive, so these decisions made during the boom are now coming online, and you are seeing all of that production entering the market now," Abendroth explained. The oversupply of avocados would not last forever, but the world is seeing an overall increase in avocado production that will eventually affect the US avocado market as well.

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