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Customer Stories

Tridge’s Data Explorer: A Toolbox Made with Our Users in Mind

Apr 17, 2022
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If you’re based in North America, you’ve probably seen the above certification mark on products in your local grocery store. This is the Non-GMO Project, verification mark, which is the most rigorous certification in the region for GMO avoidance. Founded in consumer demand, the non-profit organization is now one of the fastest-growing labels in the retail sector. Given that many consumers want to avoid GMOs in their food and actively seek out non-GMO claims on pack, the Project’s mission is to create and promote transparency by providing Verified non-GMO choices for consumers as well as to preserve and increase sources of non-GMO products in the food supply chain. 

To help maintain the rigor of their Standard, the Non-GMO Project conducts a significant amount of research, including research on the cultivation of various crops worldwide. In late 2020, the Project was seeking a way to quickly and easily search for international agricultural data on specific crops. This led the Project to signup for a generic baseline subscription in early 2021 in order to access Tridge's data and facilitate this research. Through subsequent conversations with Project team members, we learned that they were seeking an agricultural data platform that had wide international coverage and could provide timely data on a range of crops. Our Customer Success Team knew we could be a core part of their solutions. 

During our demo session, our Customer Success Team highlighted our platform’s Production Data feature, understanding that the Project’s data needs centered around both current and historical production data. 

The Project’s team members were immediately able to articulate how Tridge’s Data platform could be useful to them. What appealed to them was not only our data coverage and credibility, but also our ability to filter and then present and display those data in a way that was of greatest benefit to their efforts. They found Tridge’s visualization of the global production market share – presented through graphics that make clear both a given country's market share and production metrics — to be particularly helpful.

The Explore Data tab — a visualization tool that shows the evolution of a given crop’s production volume per country — in the Production Data feature was also of interest for the Project. Since it is important for Project team members to take historical production data into account, the Explore Data tab’s visual representation of the growing and dwindling production rates served as an easy way to search and filter crop production data over time. 

This demo session of our platform and data coverage was all the project needed to decide to onboard with Tridge Intelligence & Data as anEnterprise User. Now a 2-year partner with Tridge Intelligence & Solutions, the Non-GMO Project has been able to experience how we were able to successfully streamline an important aspect of their research efforts. The Non-GMO Project has now verified more than 60,000 products from over 3,000 brands and continues to carry out their mission to provide Verified non-GMO choices for consumers. 

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