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Tridge Stories

Tridge launches Sourcing Hub to increase sourcing efficiency

Apr 13, 2023
3 min
Irene Lee

We recently launched Tridge Sourcing Hub*, a powerful new service that aims to optimize sourcing processes and streamline buyer operations worldwide. It is designed to provide agri-food buyers unprecedented access to verified suppliers, helping them to save time and resources while enhancing sourcing efficiency. The service is central to our mission to empower agri-food supply chain participants to make the smartest data-driven decisions that drive sustainability and create a more transparent and efficient global food trade ecosystem.

With Tridge Sourcing Hub, buyers can enjoy a transparent, simple, and modern experience. Exhibition 365 connects buyers with thousands of verified global suppliers to build successful partnerships. Sourcing Requests allows buyers to create sourcing requests and receive unlimited offers from suppliers directly. By accelerating and putting buyers in control of their sourcing process, we hope that this service will fuel growth for both new and existing buyers and suppliers

Tridge Sourcing Hub is available now to buyers and suppliers worldwide. To learn more about the service and how it can help optimize your sourcing process, visit

In addition to Tridge Sourcing Hub, we offer a range of other innovative services and solutions that empower businesses in the global agri-food supply chain to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Intelligence & Data

You can uncover market opportunities and make smarter decisions through reliable data, information, intelligence, and analytics for agri-food supply chains. With Intelligence & Data, you can gain access the latest News & Insights, comprehensive Analysis & Reports, and in-depth market intelligence from our best-in-class industry analysts and experts worldwide. 

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Tridge Fulfillment Solution

We offer end-to-end fulfillment service, optimized by our global trade data and proprietary technology. Browse our extensive product catalog, choose what you need, and we take care of everything from production to delivery.

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Advertise with Tridge 

Advertise with Tridge enhances your brand awareness and provides you with lead generation opportunities. Our in-house creatives will work alongside with you to discover the best digital solution to showcase the value of your company.

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*As of September 2023, the Sourcing Hub has been transformed into the Social Marketplace.

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