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Tridge Launches Tridge Advertising Solutions

Aug 8, 2022
3 min read

Tridge has launched Tridge Advertising Solutions, which is designed to help enterprises amplify and accelerate their global market exposure. 

Supplier Directory is the hub for suppliers and buyers in the agriculture and food industry, covering more than 1.3k products with 26k verified suppliers from 141 countries. The platform is not only a site for unique industry players, but also one that is experiencing rapid expansion.

Tridge’s new Advertising Solution provides opportunities to gain target exposure from key players in the food and agriculture industry. The Solution package also provides access to our best-in-class in-house design team to generate new value for our partners’ brands,  with Tridge’s art directors, copywriters, and strategists.

Innovative solutions for targeted exposure to evolving industry and partner preferences and issues. Tridge combines and covers a wide range of critical agricultural data from data analysis to trade solutions, enabling partners to expand their brand globally through affordable customized designs informed by our partners’ business goals.

With Tridge’s Advertising Solutions, enterprises can deliver branded impressions, increasing targeted awareness and sales to potential partners. 

To learn more, click here. To get onboard with Tridge’s Ad Solution, contact the sales team. 

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