Tridge joins hands with Indonesia's government on data-based supply chain innovation initiative

Nov 2, 2023
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Promoting data exchange, supply and demand management, export expansion, and capacity building with BRIN.

Tridge is embarking on a data-based supply chain innovation initiative with BRIN (National Research and Innovation Agency). The two parties plan to jointly explore various data-based export opportunities, starting with joint research on digital transformation (DT) of Indonesian agriculture.

Tridge signed a Letter of Intent for Mutual Cooperation for Research, Technology, and Innovation Cooperation with the Deputy of Research and Innovation’s Utilization at the BRIN headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia, on October 25, 2023.

At the partnership signing ceremony on this day, more than 10 attended on both sides from Tridge and BRIN. Attendees include Tridge CEO Shin, BRIN’s Chairman/Minister Laksana Tri Handoko, Deputy Chairman of Research and Innovation’s Utilization R. Hendrian, and Chairman of Governance, Economy, and Community Welfare Research Organization’s Agus Eko Nugroho, and Head of Research Center for Cooperative, Corporation, and People’s Economy Irwanda Wisnu Wardhana.

From left: Tridge's Yun, Bang, Kim, CEO Shin, BRIN's Deputy Chairman Hendrian, Research Organization Chairman Agus, Chairman/Minister Handoko, and Research Center Head Irwanda

According to the letter of intent, Tridge and BRIN will seek cooperation in a wide range of fields, including exchanging data and information, deriving a joint research agenda based on this, organizing symposiums and conferences necessary for implementation, and deriving joint research results.

CEO Shin said, "Indonesia is a country with great potential in the agri-food sector,” and added, “Through the Tridge platform, players in this market will be able to gain data and insight into the global agri-food market.” He continued, “Tridge will strengthen cooperation with the Indonesian government in the field of agricultural and food development, especially in the field of connecting Indonesian products with buyers from around the world.”

Tridge CEO Shin and BRIN Deputy Chairman Hendrian sign Letter of Intent.

Chairman/Minister Handoko welcomed Tridge's visit to BRIN and said that starting with the signing of this letter of intent, he expects various specific follow-up work in the future development of Indonesian agriculture through joint efforts between the two sides. Deputy Chairman Hendrian also said that he would actively participate to ensure that this letter of intent leads to practical results.

Immediately after the signing ceremony, the two sides continued discussions with Dr. Irwanda Wisnu Wardhana, Head of Research Center for Cooperative, Corporation, and People’s Economy, to establish a collaboration action plan. Through this discussion, both sides agreed on a specific partnership structure to proceed with the project and derived two common goals, including strengthening the IT-based supply chain and improving access to new markets through online marketplaces.

Tridge CEO Shin and BRIN Chairman/Minister Handoko

Tridge plans to continue to create business opportunities for beneficiaries from the government stepping on this first step. Through various data-based B2B SaaS solutions, it is possible to strengthen the capabilities of farmers and small and medium-sized businesses.

A Tridge official said, “Agriculture is an infrastructure industry that the government is responsible for protecting and fostering, and it is a fundamental industry in which the country plays a major role in its success or failure. We will continue to grow as an infrastructure platform that can serve the needs of governments.” 

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