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Tridge Stories

Tridge Hits 1.3 Million Monthly Website Visits

Oct 12, 2022
2 min read

Tridge, a South Korean agriculture trading platform, announced today that its intelligence and sourcing site has received 1,319,361 visit in September 2022. 

This marks the first month in which the site broke the one million website visit mark, a milestone for the platform that focuses on providing intelligence and solutions for B2B clients in the food and agriculture industry. 


The milestone reflects the strong and sustained growth of its intelligence products, along with its recently launched advertising solution, making it one of the top online destinations for the agriculture community to seek relevant and actionable intelligence.  


“While the rise of Amazon exemplifies the advances of consumer retail, the agriculture trade industry has not seen as much progress powered by digitalization,” says Juhee Yoon, product growth manager of Tridge. “As the complexity of the disrupted supply chain stemming from information asymmetry between buyers and suppliers increases, Tridge’s digital intelligence solutions can alert companies of price and weather anomalies, delivering comparable agriculture market data no other platform provides.”


Tridge helps buyers and suppliers of agriculture products easily find partners via unrivaled access to market data. The platform is as deep as it is wide, providing information on the value chains that precede the trade. Tridge’s exclusive domestic price database covers 25,000 agricultural products updated daily with 50,000 price data points. As the world’s first and largest centralized platform, Tridge removes search frictions that inhibit traders all over the world.

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