Tridge CEO shares how data is key in strengthening agri-food supply chain in Indonesia

May 16, 2023
3 min read
Irene Lee

Tridge CEO, Hoshik Shin, highlighted how the data and technology of Tridge can play a pivotal role in further strengthening the agricultural sector of Indonesia in his keynote address at the Maekyung Indonesia Forum, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Korea-Indonesia diplomatic relations, held last May 16 in Jakarta.

Shin shares how Tridge, as a successful AgTech enterprise, has been able to leverage advanced technology like machine learning to provide reliable global data on a vast array of agricultural products worldwide. Through the company’s extensive analysis of the global agri industry, over 200,000 varieties of products were revealed and recorded on the Tridge platform. Now that the agri-food identification is at such a granular level, farmers are better able to promote their products and facilitate easier exports through the platform.

Tridge hopes to continue to make positive contributions like these to the global agri-food industry by making quality data accessible to a wide range of users all over the world. The company is set to evolve into an AI-based platform and increase its monthly active user base to 10 million. 

During his speech, a new Tridge service, Transaction Data Analyzer was introduced for the first time. Expected to launch by the end of May, this service within the Tridge platform gives users quick access to relevant transaction information like quantities, import and export volumes, number of importers and the like that help drive data-driven decision-making when it comes to the import-export business.

14% of Indonesia’s GDP comes from agriculture, with 46% of Indonesians participating in the agri industry. And Tridge’s data-driven solutions, which allow for the prediction of production trends, trade flows, and more, has the potential to further accelerate Indonesia’s position in the global supply chain.

The Maekyung Indonesia Forum was attended by over 350 influential business and political figures from both Korea and Indonesia with Shin being the only speaker from the private sector. Other speakers include Dr. Meoldoko, the current chief of staff of the Indonesia president, and Dr. Min Seung-Kyu, the previous 1st Vice Minister of the Korean Ministry of Food & Agriculture. 

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