Tridge & aT promotes AgTech to drive sustainability in K-food export industry

Jul 27, 2023
5 min read

Tridge, a South Korean global AgTech company, formalized a collaboration with Korea Agro-Fisheries & Trade Corporation (aT), a quasi-government agency for food trade in Korea to harness the full potential of ag-tech and big data in enhancing K-Food exports and reducing overall carbon emissions in the supply chain. 

Tridge and aT believe in the vital role that digitization in the agriculture and food industry plays in addressing climate change and building a more sustainable future for all, hence the collaboration being  a product of that shared vision.

The partnership seeks to infuse aT’s deep-rooted expertise in the Korean agri and food industry with Tridge’s global agri-data and intelligence to help optimize export reach and reduce overall operational costs across the supply chain.

This move to leverage big data in operations also means an inclination towards low-carbon initiatives that will help address the challenges that come from the climate crisis. With global temperatures rising, supply chain visibility through data becomes vital to future-proof the industry.

Kim Chunjin, CEO of aT, emphasized the significance and importance of the low-carbon movement and has pledged, together with Tridge, to continue to explore various measures to help foster more sustainable practices throughout the agri-food supply chain.

This partnership with aT marks another milestone for Tridge in its continued efforts to create an empowered tomorrow by building a sustainable and resilient supply chain. The company continues to strengthen its data and intelligence, building on its tech solutions business, and providing consulting services to various organizations around the world.

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