Tridge partners with Amuní Festival 2023 to celebrate Sicilian agribusiness culture

Oct 2, 2023
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TORRENOVA, SICILY – Tridge has partnered with the inaugural Amuní Festival 2023 to bring the rich and diverse culture of Sicily’s agribusiness to the global stage. This historic event, featured against the picturesque backdrop of Torrenova's seaside, emerged as a celebration of Sicilian traditions, gastronomy, and agricultural excellence.

The Amuní Festival 2023, conceived by a group of enthusiastic young individuals and the Mayor of Torrenova, successfully created a temporary village that embodied the spirit and heritage of Sicily. This festival served as a tribute to the local farmers, producers, and artisans who have worked tirelessly to preserve the traditions in a land renowned for its diverse flavors and unparalleled gastronomic heritage.

Siciian wine vendor showcases products at Amuni festival 2023 in partnership with Tridge

As the digital partner of the event, Tridge played a pivotal role in amplifying the festival's reach to global audiences through strategic campaigns. Visitors of the Tridge platform and newsletter subscribers were led to the Amuní Festival website through digital banners, fostering connections between an international community of agribusinesses. The partnership began from a promising conversation between key Amuní staff (Roberta Furnari) and Tridge Account Executive Marina Benino, who later also assumed the role as the Director of the committee.

Organizers of the Amuni Festival 2023 in Sicily in partnership with Tridge

"The entire festival has been a celebration of the unwavering commitment to sustainable practices, traditions and a tribute to the generations of farmers and food producers who have established our “Made in Sicily” slogan as a global emblem of quality and excellence,“ stated Benino. 

Products displayed on a booth at Amuni Festival 2023 in partnership with Tridge
Sicilian salami at the Amuni Festival 2023 in partnership with Tridge

“The idea of organizing a food exhibition festival in a small town on the seafront to promote this remarkable culture, while showing the true essence of Sicilian agribusiness heritage has created an opportunity to attract national and international buyers. Driven by digital partner Tridge, Amuní's innovative approach showcases how technology can transform traditional events and create a truly unique and immersive experience for attendees, transcending geographical boundaries and celebrating global diversity through food.

I believe that in a world where environmental sustainability and the Green Deal are becoming increasingly vital, the integration of digital partners is not just a mere modernization of traditional trade shows; it is instead a step towards a more sustainable, responsible, and eco-conscious future for the food industry.”
Gusto pasta Products displayed on a booth at Amuni Festival 2023 in partnership with Tridge

The event included various activities that celebrated the essence of Sicilian food. A curated group of 32 exhibitors displayed the best of local businesses, fostering engaging discussions with 11 buyers and Slow Food experts, alongside political figures from the Sicilian and Italian government.

Additionally, Michelin-starred chefs led culinary masterclasses that offered attendees a taste of Sicily's finest cuisine, while experts conducted informative sessions that focused on the latest trends and developments in the agribusiness sector. To complement the educational aspects, the festival featured an amusement park, street food stalls, and live concerts, adding to the festivities and ensuring a holistic experience for all attendees. 

Buyers and sellers networking Products displayed on a booth at Amuni Festival 2023 in partnership with Tridge
Organizers speaking Products displayed on a booth at Amuni Festival 2023 in partnership with Tridge

The Amuní Festival 2023 marked a significant milestone in the journey to explore the true essence of Sicilian agribusiness culture, promoting connections and collaborations that transcended borders.

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