Indonesia Explores Innovative Solutions for Agricultural Commodity Marketing with Tridge

Nov 13, 2023
5 min read

Shin Hoshik, the CEO of Tridge, and the President’s Chief of Staff recently met to discuss innovative solutions for addressing issues related to the marketing of agricultural commodities in Indonesia. The goal of this meeting was to improve the welfare of farmers and ensure a more sustainable future for the agricultural sector.

The Chief of Presidential Staff, Dr. Moeldoko, highlighted challenges in marketing agricultural commodities and finding solutions to overcome price instability affecting farmers and Indonesia's agricultural sector as a whole.

Moeldoko discussed the pressing issue of marketing agricultural products in Indonesia and its impact on the welfare of farmers and the sustainability of the agricultural sector. He emphasized the importance of maintaining a balance between supply and demand for food and agricultural commodities in Indonesia, which would allow agricultural products produced by farmers to be linked to regions or countries that need them.

One specific example he provided was shallots, currently in harvest, but facing falling prices. However, Moeldoko noted the potential for these products to be exported to other countries in need, highlighting the importance of connecting domestic markets with foreign markets.

To address these challenges, Moeldoko introduced a potential solution in the form of Tridge. Tridge connects buyers with sellers of food and agricultural commodities around the world. Moeldoko acknowledged the urgent need for digital technology and artificial intelligence to transform the agricultural sector in Indonesia.

Tridge visited the Presidential Staff Office to explore cooperation with the Indonesian government in agriculture and food development. He focused on developing data and connecting Indonesian products with buyers worldwide. Mr. Shin claims that the platform they developed provides data and insights into the food and agriculture market that can help governments make more informed decisions to improve agricultural productivity and food access. Tridge’s journey to empower agricultural tomorrow by data has just begun and is expanding partnerships with governments all around the world.

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