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Customer Stories

First shipment of Egyptian grapes enter Brazil

Sep 30, 2022
3 min read
Irene Lee

Egypt successfully shipped grapes to Brazil for the very first time. Brazil, as a major agricultural producer, rarely imports foreign grapes. As a result, this event is an exceptional case that was fulfilled through Tridge, a leading agriculture intelligence and sourcing platform. According to Tridge data, the shipment was the first consignment of Egyptian grapes exported to Brazil. Due to the extreme weather conditions recently, the quality of a large volume of Brazilian grapes deteriorated in Southern Brazil. Production of Brazilian grapes decreased, and in order to fulfill the demand in domestic markets, and the grape imports have increased.

Where Tridge Comes in

Tridge provides a comparative advantage due to the global network of industry experts and market analysts who are capable of interpreting price trends, trade trends, and production trends in order to make better decisions. Tridge’s intelligence is a gateway to make successful deals.

For example, according to Tridge data, Brazilian exports of fresh grapes have increased USD 104.4M in 2017 to USD 166.8M in 2021, a 60% growth in 5 years. As the domestic demand for grapes were low, imports decreased from USD 44M in 2017 to USD 7.8M in 2021. However, due to recent increased demand with the introduction of new seedless varieties, the domestic demand for grapes have increased, resulting in increased wholesale prices in 2022. However, due to the decreased harvest, per weather anomalies, Brazil has resorted to seeking alternative grape suppliers overseas. Argentina and Chile, major grape suppliers to Brazil, are both experiencing decrease in exports, representing opportunities for new suppliers to trade with Brazil. The Egyptian grape deal serves as a perfect example of finding where opportunities lie by combining Tridge’s intelligence and sourcing capacity to make successful deals.

Tridge takes initiative as a trading partner to provide one-stop solutions. Enclosed in this offer was quality control inspections, packaging, shipping, customs, and much more. Partner with Tridge to find reliable solutions for better business decisions. Learn more about Tridge’s Fulfillment Solution here.

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