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Customer Stories

Finding Solutions for International Market Access with Tridge

Apr 30, 2022
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In 2021, the Department of Agriculture, Water, and the Environment of Australia onboarded with Tridge. By joining, the department gained access to a platform with a plethora of exclusive datasets in agriculture and trade.

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A few months into our partnership, our customer success team learned about the Department’s ongoing importation project targeting a tropical fruit in a Southeast Asian country. As much as this project involved a first-time market access agreement between two nations, there were quite a number of contingencies to be carefully explored. For the purposes of this project, our partner needed an additional resource to connect, contextualize, and read between the lines of the data we had on our platform on the Southeast Asian tropical fruit. With a few partner meetings over email and call, we knew precisely what they would need.

In the next five weeks, Tridge’s Market Intelligence team – the core creators and curators of platform content – created a Customized Consulting Report for our partner. Informed by both Tridge’s proprietary platform data and localized field knowledge from our network of Engagement Managers, the report was meticulously designed to be a key resource for the Department’s market access strategy.

The Department of Agriculture of Australia’s Custom Report consolidated production and export trends, potential entry points, price data, and insights into the local value chain.

Once the report was delivered, the Department of Agriculture of Australia was quick to attest to how Tridge’s Custom Report provided valuable insights that weren’t available elsewhere – whether it be specific production statistics or value chain analyses of their target product and market. It was made clear through our correspondences with our partner that Tridge’s platform data and localized insights, in the form of a consolidated report of flow charts, data tables, and qualitative analysis, were able to provide leverage for our partner’s market access strategy.

Our partnership with the Department has moved beyond our Custom Report, continuing through their regular usage of our platform for updates about their product-markets of interest. With Tridge as their partner of choice, the Department of Agriculture of Australia has been able to go the full depth and breadth of staying on top of their markets.

Experience the same informed solutions the Department of Agriculture, Water, and the Environment of Australia found through our Enterprise Solutions plan.

Learn more about our Enterprise Plan here.

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