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Customer Stories

Discovering New Procurement Markets With Tridge’s Price Charts

May 2, 2022
3 min read
Bea Shim

MOJU is a London-based natural performance drink company founded with the belief that "busy lives deserve better."

To give busy lives the option to perform better without resorting to products doused with sugar or artificial ingredients is how MOJU has chosen to live out this belief, and so they’re making cold-pressed juices with potent natural ingredients.

MOJU's Fruit Shot Variety Packs

Among their array of products are cold-pressed juices of whole fruits and spices, creating ready-to-drink packages of ginger, turmeric, vitamin, and prebiotics shots. As you can probably tell from their products, sourcing is key for a business like MOJU; without fresh fruits, their business has no product. Without intelligent sourcing, their products can’t reach their full profit potential.

In the third quarter of 2021, Tridge’s customer success team hopped on a partner call with MOJU, fully confident that there would be space for our Intelligence Platform to help optimize their sourcing strategy. Around this time, MOJU’s senior stakeholders were also working to move away from its single-market procurement strategy by diversifying its procurement markets, in order to pay competitive and stable prices for their fruit.

In our mutual understanding that no amount of intelligence is too much intelligence to make smart business decisions, our conversations flowed seamlessly, eventually leading to their decision to partner with us for our expansive collection of price data.

It only took a few weeks for Tridge’s Domestic Price Data to become the linchpin of MOJU’s revamped sourcing strategy. Whether it be benchmarking relevant prices through Tridge’s Price Chart Tool or ensuring that each of their procurement transactions are happening at the right market price, our partner discovered a new, more efficient cadence for sourcing.

Tridge’s Price Chart Tool allows you to compare multiple price data at ease

Prior to Tridge, the UK-based company had been conservative in its procurement efforts, choosing to source only within the parameters of their country. It was only until MOJU discovered an all-in-one platform to compare prices across multiple countries, regions, and varieties, our partner was able to take advantage of competitive prices and decide to venture into markets outside their country and continent.

What's worth noting is that this is not a one-time solution — it's a multitude of solutions for each point in the quickly changing market. During these times, Tridge Intelligence & Data has been present with MOJU, whether it be pre-emptively monitoring factors that would affect ginger prices through our Local News and Local Insights or examining international sourcing through our Price and Trade Data. We are excited to continue our journey together and remain a trustworthy partner to MOJU through the ebbs and flows of the volatile market.

Experience how our intelligence platform has been designed to be your decision-making partner.

Benchmark prices. Pay the right market price. Make informed decisions for sourcing & procurement with Tridge’s Intelligence & Data.

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