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CPMA Montreal 2022

Apr 8, 2022
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Tridge Canada participated in CPMA Montreal 2022, which was held between April 5th-7th.

Canadian Produce Marketing Association Convention and Trade Show (CPMA) is one of the major Canadian trade shows for the produce industry. Global distributors and leaders from major food producers establish networks for new technologies, making global supply chains more efficient.

At CPMA Montreal 2022, Tridge was able to successfully introduce our brand and establish networks with international delegates from embassies in Turkey, Pakistan and Vietnam and influential Canadian distributors in Ontario and British Columbia.

Over 300 meetings were made during the event with more than 150 participants, Tridge presented and sent trial loads of our brand and solutions. Our team had extensive experience in-depth conversation with clients for reaching new markets by Tridge’s Fulfillment solutions and Intelligence solutions.

Throughout the events, we noticed that our goal is to improve and create a safer, secure and efficient supply chain by increasing transparency in the global supply chain. We believe that networks we established in CPMA will bring innovation and solid leadership to the table.

To find out more about Tridge fulfillment solutions and Data & Analytics solutions, click the link below.

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