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Announcement: Tridge launches newly improved website

Sep 19, 2023
2 min read
Tridge Team

In our continuous effort to serve key players in the agri-food industry better, we have revamped, not only for a better experience, but to offer agribusinesses with improved services that aid in making smarter, data-driven decisions. 

Improved service offerings

In the new, we have reorganized and improved our service offerings to elevate your overall experience within our platform. Intelligence & Data is now split into two services: (1) Data & Analytics and (2) Insights. Additionally, our Sourcing Hub, which consists of the Sourcing Request and Exhibition 365, has been transformed into the Social Marketplace, a platform where buyers and suppliers can network with each other and build an online community. 

Tridge Data and Analytics
Data & Analytics
Tridge Social Marketplace
Social Marketplace
Tridge Market Insights

Personalized homepage

Our reimagined homepage aims to provide you with a better user experience. For a more personalized journey on the website, dynamic data and media content shown in the homepage are optimized based on your search and browsing history, ensuring that you access content based on your preferences.

Easier navigation

The new Tridge website is also now easier to navigate. We’ve enhanced the website’s search function, allowing you to directly access the Product Browser page and conveniently look for content with the help of our improved Keyword Search page. You can also use the new menu bar, which we’ve designed to help you browse content and services based on categories.

In summary, with our new and improved website, not only can you easily browse through our service offerings, but you also now have a more personalized homepage and can access data and content aligned with your preferences.  

For more details on the changes to the Tridge website, you can visit our help center.

You can also start exploring the new Tridge website here.

Key takeaways

  • The new Tridge website offers improved services that aim to empower agribusinesses to build authentic relationships and make smarter data-driven decisions. 
  • With a personalized homepage, users can access content based on their preferences and search history.
  • With an improved UI, search function, and menu bar, navigating the website and accessing content and service offerings are made easier.

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