AI in agriculture: Insights from Tridge CEO at the World Knowledge Forum 2023

Sep 21, 2023
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At the World Knowledge Forum 2023, Tridge CEO and Founder, Hoshik Shin, highlighted the crucial role of artificial intelligence in revolutionizing agriculture.

In a thought-provoking discussion titled “Bridging Farm-to-Table Smarter,” Hoshik Shin, alongside industry experts Youngduck Choi (Founder and CEO of Togi) and Somsubhra GanChoudhuri (Co-founder and CEO of AI Palette), explored an innovative idea — how AI integration can revitalize food infrastructure and transform the service-to-customer pipeline. Currently, the role of AI in business continues to grow exponentially, and this AI revolution can provide a significant competitive edge, unparalleled accuracy, and a diverse range of customized capabilities. This encouraged a stimulating conversation that drew attention to the exciting potential of AI in the food industry.

Tridge CEO Hoshik Shin speaking at the World Knowledge Forum 2023
Tridge CEO Hoshik Shin speaking at the World Knowledge Forum

During the event, Shin emphasized the critical importance of adopting AI technology to combat climate change. He cited India as an example, where climate change has resulted in a decrease in the production of certain crops, which in turn led to a 40% at highest export duty on essential commodities, such as onions, rice, wheat, and sugar. This highlights how climate change can disrupt production, cause supply shortages, and damage supply chains.

By adopting AI, key players in the food and agriculture industry can strengthen their businesses against the implications of climate change. This will in turn empower them to become more resilient and adaptable to changing risks.

Tridge CEO Hoshik Shin speaking at the World Knowledge Forum

Shin exemplified the role of AI in agriculture by highlighting how Tridge leads the way in transforming the market through its innovative Transaction Data Solution (TDS). This tool offers unparalleled insights into the market, illuminating intricate deal relationships and enabling businesses to make informed pricing decisions. It also keeps a watchful eye on market fluctuations, empowering businesses to act quickly and mitigate potential risks. With Tridge and TDS, businesses have the tools they need to navigate even the most turbulent of markets.

Shin further explained that Tridge goes beyond just handling data and also provides services through digital platforms. Tridge collaborates with the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) to aid in their project that aims to boost sales for Filipino farmers on the online platform called Exhibition 365*. By onboarding on the Tridge platform, Filipino farmers can increase their product awareness and gain visibility in the market, especially for low-value agricultural products like calamansi. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to improving productivity for farmers.

With these digital tools, Tridge is realizing its vision of using data to foster innovation and promote sustainable progress in the ever-evolving field of agriculture. Additionally, the insights provided by Tridge CEO Hoshik Shin at the World Knowledge Forum highlighted just how vital the role of digital technology in agriculture is and why it needs to be maximized. 

*As of 19 September 2023, Exhibition 365 has been transformed into Social Marketplace.

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